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Swiss procedure

Swiss Procedure for rental in Switzerland

+ Any selected lodgement must be visited. We will send an application to the agency or agent concerned.

+ The owner or agent selects a candidate from the applicants.

+ There is NO guarantee that the home selected will be given to you, as there are frequently many applicants for the same lodgement.

+ Once you have been selected for the lodgement, insurance for civil responsibility must be established. This is an obligation in Switzerland.

+ A date is set for final inspection and handing over of the keys. NB: A 3-month security deposit is required before handing over of the keys.

Documents to provide for rental of homes:

+ Valid copies of current passports.

+ A copy of valid resident permit.

+ Copy of work contract or copy of last 2 salary slips.

+ If you are already a resident in Switzerland, the owner / agent also requires proof that you are not currently being sued. This document is called: Attestation de non-poursuite. We will indicate to you where this can be obtained.

NB: For persons relocating to Geneva and surrounding area please note that Geneva is undergoing a severe lodgement shortage. It is therefore recommended that you make your choice quickly so that we can submit your application for lodgement as soon as you have selected the home you like.